Saturday, April 26, 2008

Noticeable changes after kids go to school

Do any of you notice how kids change after they go to school?

I'm really seeing it lately in a neighbor friend. We moved here 2 years ago so I can see the difference. The behavior, the things they say, the things they say their teacher says.

It's just really annoying and disturbing. My daughter is getting annoyed with her and not wanting to play. It's so sad and so real and it's so damaging to little minds.

I have to referree more and more to make sure the lines of communication stay open between them. I feel like I am always talking about respect and kindness to other kids, it's like they don't get it. I know they don't get it...

*slaps herself upside the head*

School is no place for children, I can't say that enough.


Tina said...

We've noticed that also throughout the 10 years in this addition. Of course as that time has gone on and on, we've noticed it ALOT with school at homers. I swear that some of them are even worse, mainly because they are so critical.

justjuls said...

Aw, c'mon say it one more time.

Just for us.

Pretty please!

Jenny said...

I remember YEARS and years ago, before we'd even heard of homeschooling, my mom said that my older brother seemed to be "getting dumber" after he started public school.

It seems like that kind of environment has to change you; it's sad to wonder how I would have been different if I were unschooled.

Me said...

This is so true. Its not just public school though. We sorely regret that Kyle had to go through this. Now if I could just deschool dh...........