Saturday, April 19, 2008

My grrlfriends will love this

I was taking a remedy that was helping my cycle, it actually did cut the duration of pain and stuff in half... For those that care it's called Lachesis.

I decided to stop taking it to see what the next period would be like.

Apparantly I've been exhibiting some hormonal tendencies lately :)

Tonight Jason asked me if I was still taking my remedy. I said no I stopped because I wanted to see how this month would be, he said, "Well I can TELL you what it will be like."

Gotta love him, he is honest and he knows me better than I know myself.
I am predictably unpredictable, I can be the same for 2 months and the 3rd month my body changes it up, I have no control over this by the way.

I am ME, that's for sure.

He brought me wine and chocolate :)

He is the bomb!!!


Tina said...

We don't give our men enough credit, I think. They really do know our cycles, which I personally find fascinating. Usually, because I'm caught by surprise that it is yet that time again. How sweet for you.

justjuls said...

I have to disagree with Tina -
My husband doesn't know me at all -
After 20 years together he still thinks it will be helpful to tell me "You're crazy".
I have never gotten wine and chocolate - so count yourself extremely blessed.