Thursday, September 25, 2008

She can read!!!

Cassie just read Green Eggs and Ham to me.

She is so excited she was jumping out of her skin after she read a page with lots of words.

She is almost 9 and this is her accomplishment. We are all happy that she is starting to read but I think she is the happiest and that is what matters.

I have always read to her and helped her out but she just wasn't ready to make the connections. In the past she would forget the same word when she saw it on a different page or a different place.

She did so well tonight, I only had to help her with a couple words.

I am so happy for her :)

Well now all 4 of my unschooled kids are reading !

All in their own time not with force or someone else's agenda!

I'm off to bed, just had to share and obviously learning happens at all hours of the day and night.


Me said...

Woo hoo for Cassie!!

Heather said...

Yay for Cassie!! That's just great!

Penny said...

Way to go Cassie!

Sarah said...

YIPPY, Cassie, and welcome to another marvelous page of your life journey!

I can relate to your excitement. This morning, my 7yo woke and ask Momma, is 2+3 5. I replied YES. Then, he went on explaining his revelation and went on 2+4 2+5 and so on. Not that we will have him pulling out workbooks and all and start doing MATH. But, I too am thanking for such sweet affirmation...our life choice is RIGHT for us. Unschooling rocks! And, THANK YOU, Stephanie, for advocating your passion strongly and encouraging those who at times may be on shaky ground.

Therese said...

Awsome! You weren't worried or anything were you? ;)

Sandra Dodd said...

Very cool.

Grace Walker said...

This is so beautiful to me! Congrats to Cassie and Stephanie, thank you. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life. You've helped me more than you may know on my own journey. You ROCK!!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

I think this is a shame. Your daughter is almost nine and just beginning to read. Most children learn to read almost 21/2 years before this. Even without schooling I would think curiosity and desire would have gotten her there earlier. She is surely missing out on some if the greatest joys by not having learn how to read. I hope that you will encourage her and take her to the library in order to strengthen her skills.

Wendy Moira Angela Darling said...

I think that's awesome!

Anonymous, based on your comment I'm not sure understand what it means to learn by living.

lydia said...

Good for her, that's exciting!!

And shame on you anonymous for leaving such an unkind unwelcome response to a celebration of the joy Cassie NOW has for reading in her own timing!!

Valerie said...

Wonderful! Enjoy reading everything everywhere, Cassie.

Note to Anonymous:

My eldest child learned to walk at age 14 months, several months behind average. Would you call that a shame, considering she was missing out on all the joys of walking while her baby friends were busy teetering and falling everywhere?

All of my children learned to read in their own time, just like Stephanie's children. They all learned at different ages, just like Stephanie's children. I read to all of them and surround them with great books both at home and at the library. And like Stephanie, I had faith in my children that they would learn to read and love to read *in their own time*. And they have.

I believe you are implying that Stephanie did less than she should have in teaching her daughter to read. You have it completely wrong. We aren't here to teach, we are here to support them as they learn. Your comment was rude and uncalled-for and if Stephanie was a lesser person the joy of the moment may have been lost. Fortunately, I know she's stronger than that. Now why don't you go find some small animals to torment?

Mette G said...

Hello Stephanie,
this is the first time I visit your blog, and I just wanted to say that I'm thrilled for your daughter. What an extraordinary chance she has to be free to accomplish things in her own time and way.
The comment made by anonymous also made me think again about how deeply rooted in society these stiff ideas are about *when* something should be mastered. It is a totally subjective value judgement that some of the greatest joys stem from reading. Thank you for sharing your journey! Peace, Mette (in Denmark)

Show Us The World said...

What a wonderful gift you have given her-to grow and learn at a joy filled pace rather than cramming her in the box so others won't "shame" her. WTG Cassie and Mom!

Deanne said...

Yeah for Cassie being FREE to read when she wants to! You're an awesome Mom!

Anonymous' comment reminds me of the bumper sticker: "If you don't want to read this, thank a teacher." Forced reading has deprived more people of the joy of reading than self-initiated reading ever will!

unschoolermom said...

That is wonderful! Congratulations, Cassie!


JoAnn said...

WTG Cassie!! It's so cool to see living and learning in action.

Sharon said...

How exciting! I also have to comment to the ONE WHO COULD NOT LEAVE HIS NAME; It is best to speak from EXPERIENCE! I have now seen 8 of my 9 children learn to read and various ages. One was almot 12 before she could REALLY read. ALL of them are vivacious readers. The books the request, I have to use a dictionary to read and I graduated with HONORS from college and read at an EARLY age. Missing out? What a strange comment? Missing out would be a mother who did not love enough to walk along side a journey with a child, instead shoving them with their own agenda or someone elses bar of "success". When you have walk along side at least ONE more child in their journey to read, THEN maybe you could speak from experience. Oh, one more thing...the comment that MOST childre read at an earlier age? I am not sure where you get your stats, but so far in 26 years of homeschooling, I have NEVER met an illiterate child. The public school graduates them all the time!

Deanna said...

My two kids were in public school for several years until we began to homeschool. Both were tested and qualified for the gifted program in school. One learned to read fluently in first grade and was reading on a 7th grade level by 2nd grade. The other, who had the same first grade teacher, was only barely reading by the time we began homeschooling her in 4th grade.

Children have different innate time tables for development. It only becomes a problem when people have some inane idea that everyone should be the same.

Congratulations, Cassie!

mamastreasures said...

"Most children learn to read almost 21/2 years before this. '

Um, what? MOST children are reading at 6 1/2? Where the heck did this person get their information?

Most children are not reading at 6 1/2, though those upon whom compulsory schooling is imposed are being made to try at that age.

BTW, Stephanie did NOT report that Cassie just finally started showing interest in learning to read or that she's been hiding in a basement until now. She said that this is when she's really flying with reading.

The thing cannot force a child to learn to read (or really to learn anything) you can only make sure that the resources are there.

When you respect the spirit of the child...and keep reading to them...they will read and when they do it will be their own thing.

My now 9 yo son is a fluent reader now, but wasn't a year ago...and the process was his and he didn't have to fight against anyone. AND even though he's probably dyslexic, he has not reading or learning disabilities. Being taught to read causes learning disabilities when it doesn't respect the individual.

I have a now 5 yo son who taught himself to read almost a year ago.

They both taught themselves, in their own way and on their own timeline to do this most glorious thing that should never be forced.

And you know what? They both LOVE to read and do it all the time.

Children who are loved and read to will read.

What does it matter if they are 4 or 12? Love of reading is worth the wait!

There is nothing like the illumination of a child's face when they have learned something new...and it is all their own.

Remember the look a baby has when he can walk for the first time? Children can have that same look no matter the age if adults respect them and truly let who they are glow through all their daily experiences.

Yah for Cassie!!! And Yah for Goddess-Mama-Stephanie for loving and trusting her children enough to stand between them and a society that deeply doesn't trust that children want to learn and simply cannot be stopped from learning if given time and support.

I won't apologize for making this comment so's all heart felt.

{{hugs}} Stephanie!!!