Friday, September 19, 2008

Got Gas?

Not that kind!

Our area is out of gas. We went and sat in line tonight and when it was my turn, I was pumping and then it stopped. They ran out of gas while I was pumping!
I was so thankful that I got enough, my husband was 2 cars behind me so he didn't get any. The lady right behind me started crying because she was on fumes, as was I but I got some gas.

I felt so helpless, another lady pulled up and was on E, and then I drove past a row of cars on my way out and told them the gas was gone. The sadness in people's eyes was hard to take and some were obviously pissed off.

Is it just me or does the fact that we have like 3500 oil rigs in the gulf a bad idea. Hello ever heard of hurricanes? They happen every year, duh! Sorry if that number is wrong, I learn so much everyday that I can't keep it all straight.

I'm just glad that nobody is testing me.

I'm also glad that nobody smacks me when I'm cranky or having a bad day! You know what I'm talkin about!

Do you think we should keep gas somewhere else, like the Mississippi? No hurricanes there. Do you think we should have a reserve somewhere for times like this? It's not rocket science, there is a logical way to solve this as with everything else going on in this country.

Logic vs. emotion, I know it's a tough road but for me logic wins hands down, I don't think with my emotions. I don't make political decisions on emotions or a whim, sure I can get emotional about things that matter to me but I am a logical person. Mind over matter, head over heart, that is me.

I won't go all political on ya again!

While we were in line, my son drew lots of cool pictures and Cassie and I played tic-tac-toe. We also read a few books and she read a few pages, she is coming along.

It was real great when we had to pee, Cass and I ran into the store and left Jason to move both vehicles.

All in all not a terrible time except we weren't happy that the cop was letting people go ahead of us that just pulled in while we had been waiting an hour.
Had he directed traffic properly, my husband would have gotten gas and so would that poor lady that was behind me.


Deanna said...

I'm glad you finally were able to get some gasoline. So far we haven't had any problems here and in fact, prices are down a bit. As for why we have all those oil rigs in the Gulf...well, that's where the oil is. Oil rigs are placed over the oil reserve area and the oil is extracted. You have to have the put them where the oil is. Which is why there is an oil pump in the front lawn of the Oklahoma state capitol building. It's not for aesthetics. (grin)

Tina said...

What in the world? I cannot believe that this is happening in TN. We haven't had any issues here, other than the fact we are the 3rd highest for prices in the USA. Price gouging anyone?