Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It shows

The difference that is between me and people who don't think like me.

The neighbor boy was telling me that he asked his mom to buy vitamin water (that is what we buy) instead of gatorade for baseball. I had mentioned about gatorade being full of sodium, artificial dyes and last I knew HFCS. If they have changed their ingredients then I apologize. Anywho, his mom said no. I told him that I'm sorryy and that I really can't say anything about anything because your mom is the opposite of me and you have to listen to her.

He then proceeded to start saying things like if you were my mom....

I wouldn't have to go to school!!!!

He said that about 20 times.

I wouldn't get paddled!!!!

I wouldn't have a bedtime I could stay up as late as I want!

Those were the top three and he said other things too.

He also said something about if he ran away he would come here and his mom said they wouldn't keep you they would call the orphanage...

Don't ya think that parents would want to create an environment that their kids actually liked?

I told him *no comment*
Sometimes I'm afraid to say anything to them but you know what tough shit! They need to know that not everyone is treated like that.

These kids look to me, they ask me questions, they talk to me, I'm guessing they don't do that at home, I can almost guarantee it. Especially since they spend most of their free time at my house.


Erica said...

OMG, the ingredients of things amazes me. At baseball practice last week one of Trevor's friend was eating a cereal bar and said it tasted funny. I read the ingredients and it had ethanol ad shellac listed!

Here is a link to the list:

(4th row down, I believe)

No wonder is tasted funny!

Tina said...

Well, once again, who knows what seeds you are planting for that boy if he ever becomes a father.

justjuls said...

How terribly terribly sad.