Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This is from Cassie's wall. Who says unschoolers don't do math? LOL!
She has added to it a few times and I had to get a picture before she washes it off, I found her with the simple green the other day.

She has drawn a few things on her walls and the neighbor told her that she was gonna get a whoopin and that God doesn't like it if you write on the walls.

I just couldn't be quiet on that one, I told her that God doesn't care if you write on the wall and that nobody ever should get a whoopin.

More lies and fear put on kids to make them comply, sad really. What happened to truth and dialogue???

I told Cassie that it was ok to write on the walls because we haven't painted in there yet. We bought this house two years ago and the whole place needed to be redone and it is a work in progress. When we do paint, we plan to make an area with chalkboard paint so they can still draw on the wall without causing any damage.


unschoolermom said...

Your neighbor sounds like someone I work with. They are of a church denomination that doesn't believe in cutting hair, wearing makeup or jewelry, etc. Well, one of their little girls (four years old) got the scissors and cut her hair. A friend of the family who was babysitting told her that Jesus was sad because she cut her hair. Her mom told me her daughter was in tears when she came home. Her mom did say she explained that even though they do not believe in cutting hair, Jesus understands she is just a little girl. It's just sad that people do things like that to kids.


lydia said...

Hi Stephanie,
I have never commented on your blog yet, but have read it from time to time, and this post caught my attention........
You sound like an awesome mom, just from this post alone!!
I can't believe some of the things people say to kids, and kids that aren't even theirs no less. Obviously this person does not know God!!
My mother in law told my husband recently after he was angrily swearing about something, "you better watch your mouth or your gonna go to hell!"
What!! Where do we get these ideas of an angry God? I think that's part of people's problem, they don't understand God's love for them in a real way, and they think he's a harsh taskmaster or something -truly sad!!
Much grace and peace to you! Lydia (from Radical Christian Unschoolers, and Radical Unschooler's Network)