Wednesday, September 03, 2008

potential budget cuts

This little gem is from our local paper and it sets off my radar.

There are proposed budget cuts for public schools, the county commission will decide whether or not to raise property taxes to fund a $95 million schools budget.

The cuts could include athletics, the gifted program, textbooks, new buses and nurses. This article is referencing the nurses.

A family relocated here because of the wonderful school system. They have a special needs son and he has a tube permanently inserted into his throat and it has to be suctioned every 20-30 minutes. This is an invasive procedure that teachers are not allowed to do only nurses. If he doesn't have a nurse he can't go to school.

That kid should not be in public school and the parents relying on the school for that kind of medical attention is just plain mind boggling.

Another parent is concerned about their future and doesn't see how schools can operate. They don't have adequate textbooks and have to use the internet for a lot of assignments.

Here is a gem:

To get her message across to the commission her girls wore shirts that said,
"Please fund my education. I'm worth it."
"Please help me bloom & grow. Fund our school before it's time for me to go."

I guess that I just didn't realize how much stock people put in public school, it really amazes me.
Expecting medical care is astonishing.

We don't even have textbooks, we use the internet...gasp!

Who needs school? Do people really not know that they have choices, that homeschooling is a real viable option?

I do not want my taxes raised. One of the things we love about this area is the low property taxes. They just built a state of the art high school here, it just opened two weeks ago, who funded that?!

No more taxes, no more taxes, did you hear me?

NO MORE TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tina said...

I totally agree. We shot down last year, with a petition drive for property owners only (because that is who is affected here---school taxes come from property taxes. You would think that once you buy something it would be yours, but no, we get to pay over and over and over again until we die) a 500 million building/upkeep tax increase that the school board and superintendent wanted. They were SO surprised when it failed. Well, duh!!!