Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dear, Anonymous...

Your comment has spurred many comments.

I think it's a shame that you don't understand real, natural learning and it's a shame that you judged me and my daughter.

I encourage you to check out unschooling, you obviously are not a homeschooler or if you are, you are the militant school at home type.

There are several unschooling links in my side bar, I hope you explore them.

Not that I have to explain, I figured I would give a little background.

I actually thought Cassie would start reading between 5 and 6 yrs old. She was so into books, I read to her every night. She started to memorize them and *read* herself. As time passed and we didn't do it everyday she forgot the words, I realize that memorization is a part of reading but it's not enough.

As with all of my kids, I read to her, I answered questions, I facilitated and provided an environment conducive to learning. No, I did not *teach* her how to read anymore than I *taught* her how to sit up, crawl or walk. I helped along the way but she did it in her own time frame.

Natural learning is a joy to live and to watch the process unfold.

I have 4 always unschooled kids and two read at age 5 and two read at age 9, if you think it really matters then you don't have a clue.

I did the same thing with all of my kids, they have to be ready, willing and able to make the connections, they have to own the learning and control it. All kids are born with an innate desire to learn and when nurtured it grows and develops into lifelong learning. Schooling and force take away the natural desire and also cause many of today's so called *disabilities*

I encourage anyone reading here to take a long hard look at their own schooling and their own kids and do the research and educate themselves.

I will no longer allow anonymous comments, anyone who is willing to tell me who they are can leave me a comment.


Unschoolers Rock the Campground said...

It's amazing that someone could have read such a joyous post and taken that away from it.
Congratulations to Cassie...and to you for knowing what you know!

Grace Walker said...

I applaud you Stephanie. I'm on my way out the door but had to comment. You and your precious family are amazing!! Ignorant comments like the one made by 'Anonymous' are proof of the mentality that's been pervading our society but I'm so thankful to know such a wonderful group of UNschoolers, who blaze the path for a better way.

Heather said...

How anyone could read a post full of accompishment and joy and call it a "shame" I'll never know.

You know what I would have said??? Well, maybe I shouldn't say that here. :-)

Anonymous said...

funny how the no namers want to judge but will not say who they are- this is why I put my comment leavers on moderation so that I could see them before they were posted--

I think it is awesome that she is a reader in her own time and own way

Donna said...

You rock Stephanie! Wish I had grown up with you as my mom! (Of course, seeing as I am older than you, it's just wishful thinking : )

jaci said...

Good post Stephanie! My kids were in public school at that age and Levi did NOT learn to read until he was 9. It's such a joy to see them learn something and embrace it. I can't imagine what Anonymous was even THINKING to take away from Cassie's accomplishment because (obviously) public school doesn't guarantee learning to read before the age of nine! Keep on advocating unschooling!
And Congrats to Cassie!!!

Beanie said...

Stephanie, that is wonderful! I'm insulted by the truly uneducated response by "anonymous" which suggests that unschooled children (like myself) are less than or behind in "learning" in any way. Honestly, I find my peers that come from forced learning environments to be very cookie cutter, even knowing how to read at a young age. They can read the words, but miss these so called "joys" of reading, because they never had the chance to understand joy before they were forced to "LEARN!" I find no joy in doing what I "have" to, but I find worlds of it in doing what I love. So when someone reads because they love it, now that is what real reading is about. I can say that I only things I remember from public school are the things I was interested in learning. Now that I can learn whatever I want, I find that I'm bored with society at large. Proof of the conformity and dumbing down of children and people in general is all around, and kudos to you for choosing to be a part of guiding your children to be there own people and follow their heart! Now THAT takes courage!

unschoolermom said...

Very good post!


Dena said...

Stephanie -

I'm proud of you for your tact and diplomacy -- I hope that Anonymous can find some freedom for herself and her children... having been the "militant" type for far too long myself, I can only urge her to LET GO and TRUST...! Wheeeeee! (or else God may do to her what He did to me, and give her 8 children, so that she's overwhelmed and has no *choice* but to let go or DIE...!).

Yep, I'm the one in the corner, saying, "I give, I give, I'll trust!" soooo noble.

You're a wonderful life-model, Stephanie -- you go girl!

Shalom, Dena