Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Thoughts of a Fiery Woman

I'm borrowing Donna's blog name for this post because I'm feeling fiesty and I have way too much going through my mind.

For my sensitive readers this may very well be Rated R, so there's your warning.

Enter at your own risk!

With 2 kids playing team sports we are surrounded by many mainstream parents and public school kids. It is totally obvious the dumbing down of society and it sickens me.

I have witnessed many parents treating their child badly. It happened today and it literally made me feel ill in my gut.

There is a little boy at soccer and I would guess he is 2- 2 1/2 years old. Everytime I have seen him he has been happy and cute and just playing around being a kid. Today was different, he was a little cranky and I think he kicked someone. I wasn't paying attention at the time and I don't know what prompted it. What I did witness was his mother picking him up and holding him and telling him not to hit or kick anyone. Then he squirmed some more and she said that he was going to get a whippin if he didn't stop. He was saying stuff and some of it I couldn't make out. She kept saying things like stop it or I'll hit you at the same time she is telling him not to hit anyone else. The dialogue went on for several minutes, he wouldn't stop squirming and he hit at her leg, just a tap really out of pure frustration because she wouldn't let him down.

Then she told him that he doesn't hit mommy and to tell mommy he's sorry and that he is heading for a whippin. Then he started saying "No bad boy, no bad boy" I get the feeling he has been called a bad boy before. So she finally swat him after threatening it for several minutes and kept demanding an apology.

Apparantly it's whippin for white people and whoopin for black people, how's that for politically correct. I don't care what you call it, I call it ABUSE!

I felt so bad for that little boy....

I have seen him for several weeks now and this behavior is out of character for him. What if he was just tired, or cutting a tooth, or coming down with a cold...
He is in daycare all day as it is, what if he had a bad day but can't verbalize it yet???

Why do parents not realize they are hippocrats? You are not allowed to hit anyone but I can hit you? It's totally fucking absurd!

I felt so bad and helpless, what can I really do in that situation? I suppose I could have said, maybe he is tired or getting sick or something but I was too appalled at the mother's behaviour.

Today on the front page of our little local newspaper was an ad that the commision passed the school budget. It says a local girl stands up for her school, she addressed the commision.
So the schools want more money, where does it come from???

Property owners, of course!

So now our property taxes will be raised to fund the schools.
We don't use the schools and never plan to. Where will we get the money to pay the extra tax????

I just had an epiphany today that public school is a socialist program, I can't believe I never realized it. Our country is so full of socialism I just didn't add school to the mix.

It's high time that we get this country out of high taxes and government funded programs. The government can't fund anything without our tax dollars. Our money that they take without our approval and spend according to their wishes, not ours.

What happened to We The People and Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Why do we have so many people who just say the government will take care of me.

I think that we need to return control to the private sector and allow people to decide where their hard earned dollars go.

So many people are on this *change bandwagon*

You bet we need change but not the kind that Obama is talking about, which by the way the man talks alot about nothing. He has no specifics or concrete examples, he speaks a lot of hype and fluff.

I do NOT want MORE socialist programs, I do NOT want higher taxes, I do NOT want the government to regulate my life!!!!

We are a one income family, we do not have health insurance, we barely get by but we do NOT want government run healthcare nor do we expect the government to bail us out of the debt we have incurred. It is ridiculous to expect the government to take care of you.

I don't know what economy Obama lives in but Streisand is throwing him a fund raiser at $28,000 a plate. Hollywood is loaded, Hollywood is full of socialists but they don't want to fund it. If they all put their money where their obnoxious mouths are they could take care of all of the less fortunate in this country.

I do NOT want it and you should be very careful about believing the load of shit he is proposing.

Well I'm tired this turned out pretty mild, you should have heard my thoughts all day, LOL!


justjuls said...

Stephanie - I read the top part of this and it just made me so sad - because I've seen a lot of that lately too. Heartbreaking really - and it is the story of most of the kids around us.

Keowdie said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog... I accidentally found it while searching for something else!

I was sad to read your story about the boy at soccer. Our older son just started kindergarten, and it's been an experience for all of us. Nothing too bad, but just more exposure to a wider, um... variety of people.

We are very conservative in our house, and I agree with you on Obama... if he gets in, we might just buy some land in the middle of nowhere and start our own conservative society!!! (I'm just kidding about that... sort of.)

Tina said...

Well, wow!

I truly appreciate your real thoughts blogs. They always strike a chord.

I don't have any answers for any of it. It seems to me we are heading on the wrong road and I feel fairly small and tiny with no chances to help change it. I feel like I'm sitting in my armchair while the country goes to pot.

Penny said...

Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.

I am very thankful that my child doesn't want to get into sports or scouts or 4H or anything else like it. We live in the heart of the Bible Belt and that belt isn't just a definition of a specific area. It's a literal belt.

I did speak up in defense of a baby once (he couldn't have been over 18 months), and it wasn't me talking IYKWIM. My mouth opened and this perfectly calm person said, "Don't hit that child again." She (NOT the mom, prob. grandma) said, "Ma'am, I happen to believe in spanking." I responded, "Obviously! But to do it in front of me and my child is not okay, and I am asking you not to." She said something like, "well, yes, in front of your child, I guess you are right."

This was at a (home) notary public office. The hitter was the NP! The beautiful little boy wandered out of the back and was just smiling away at us when out of no where she swooped down and hit him the first time. I was shocked! She picked him up and brought him back where he'd been, but he came back out. The moment I saw him, I knew she was going to do it again.

My adrenaline is rushing just remembering it.

I'm sorry for hijacking your story with mine. Just commiserating...

Donna said...

I am standing and applauding your post! I agree with each and every thing you said! Maybe you are my long lost twin : )

I too am freaked out about what might happen should the Obamanation get elected. We need a lot of people to wake up and realize he is a very, very bad choice and that sometimes you do need to vote for the lesser of two evils and this is the time!

As far as abuse of little children, I see it all the time. I am often tempted to say something, but I don't. Then wish I had later. Maybe someday I will actually get the courage to stand up to a parental bully and maybe someday it will actually make a difference.

Grace Walker said...

Hi Stephanie. I know it's been a long time and I'm off to bed but I had to say that I love your post! This is exactly what I respect so much about you. Your honesty is so refreshing and is a strength to me. Thank you for being who you are.

Love ya!!

Idzie Desmarais said...

I'm totally with you against government control, but I see capitalism as far worse than socialism, since corporations are the most dangerous and destructive entities in the world (IMHO). The governmental parties seem like two sides of the same coin as far as I can see. Each wants to achieve similar ends, they just plan on going about it differently, but really all they care about is profit and power. I strongly dislike both the government/corporations that control both the US and Canada, and I dislike the monetary system, capitalism, and our whole society that allows murder (of both humans and non humans) on a mass scale as long as it's the right people who're dying...