Sunday, February 03, 2008

Who needs school anyway?

This post is mostly inspired by my 5 year old at the moment, it is completely inspired by all of my children. I have been living with, learning with and from, facilitating and observing my kids since I became a mom 12 1/2 years ago. The learning process is an awesome thing to observe and be a part of. Kids do learn naturally when they are not forced and when their own process isn't stifled or interfered with.

I firmly believe that forced schooling inhibits the natural process and causes problems. Those problems could be labeled as learning disabilities. When a child is forced to try to read before their brains are able to connect the dots it can cause learning difficulties. I believe this can happen with anything forced.

My kids have always been unschooled so I have watched this process, it's not some mysterious thing that only certain people can unlock. Kids do not need to be schooled, they just need to be in an environment conducive to learning.

I could only imagine my little boy in school, first off he wouldn't sit still or be quiet. He is in constant motion, it's how he learns, it's who he is. He would be bored to tears in K while they are teaching the alphabet because he can read and write, in cursive too. Could you imagine this...I'm sorry Jared we aren't learning cursive until 3rd grade, WTF? Well he already learned it. WHY? Because he wanted to that's why. He knows SO much I could never write it down, I witness the learning, I answer a TON of questions each day, his brain does the rest.

All of my kids are at different stages of development and learning and I would never want to interfere with their internal clock. They know when they are ready to grasp a concept, they know HOW to learn. They do not need some teacher giving them tidbits of information to memorize and regurgitate. They do not need to be tested or graded, they know what they know and will learn what they need when they need it.

I am so blessed to live and learn along side these beautiful children.

I stand by my belief that school is no place for children, it is government babysitting at best.

**Disclaimer** My oldest was briefly forced curriculum for an hour a day for 6 weeks when he was 6 years old. I just would like to say always unschooled except for 6 weeks out of his 12 1/2 year life :)


Tina said...

School is more harmful than not, in my opinion. Government babysitting at it's worst also.

Anonymous said...

Bang-on again Stephanie. I was surprised a while ago to hear a couple of unschooling mums talking aboutthe most important thing they needed to teach their to learn!

Huh!!!??? I thought that was the most bizarre thing I had ever heard., does one teach a child how to learn...why would you need to?