Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What a difference a day makes

We had warm weather for a couple days, this is a creek that runs between our house and the neighbors. The kids love to play in it, when it rains it gets really high otherwise it's low and in the summer it's dry. They love to explore and in the summer they try to catch frogs and crayfish.

Jared was wood cutting with a croquet mallet.

This is today, the cold front came in and it is windy and cold. They are out fighting injustice.


Tina said...

great looking kids, Steph.

justjuls said...

I love it!
Great pictures.
We too had a mental health day or two when it got warm and the sun was out!
I love boys and creeks - that is so awesome. We used to live near one and really miss it.

us said...

Joined the unschooling blog ring and found your blog.
My kidos LOVE to be outside!
Love the pics of your kids at the creek!
Have a great day!