Saturday, February 09, 2008

What can I say?

Well I can say a lot and I can say it in such a swirl that you will go what the hell did she just say?
I have so many thoughts, I am not an ADD I am just a person with a whole lot going on and it's hard to narrow things down to one thought or one post. I'm not sure where this is going but if you follow then you are at least a hyper-threader like me. They used to call it multi-tasking before the computer age took over :)

First of all my husband came home from work with the flu, I am not thrilled, I am coughing but you all know me I refuse to get sick. I just wish my will was as strong as I think it is :)

I am very concerned about my family at this moment...

I am very concerned about this country at the moment. I was going to post about Liberalism, it's true form is what I am a classic liberal not a social liberal, I will elaborate later.

I want freedom, I do not want the government in my kool-aid and telling me the flavor. I do not want big brother dictating my kid's education, I do not want any intervention in my private life.

I do not understand people who want the government to tell them what to do and how to live. I do not want my taxes raised it's bad enough that we have no say where our money goes. They just take it!!!

This country was founded on FREEDOM and DAMNIT I do NOT want my freedom taken away. If you want a socialist government then would you just please MOVE, there are plenty of socialist countries to choose from. We have too many people in congress who are socialists I can not handle a socialist president.

I am so sick of intervention, I am so sick of people waiting for handouts!!! UGH!!!

I need freedom, my kids deserve freedom, as unschoolers we live and learn and breathe freedom.

We learn so much everyday, you can not stop the learning, you need to embrace it. Let your kids live, let them be who they are, you need to live and learn and be true to who you are also. We need to be the example, we need to learn, we need to follow our interests.

So many have been dumbed down, I see it, I hear about it, my husband lives it with his co-workers. They are TOO stupid to think for themselves, they prove it daily with their actions and comments. What a sad state our public school system has left people in, how sad that they know they are dumb and don't want to change it.

I am sorry for those who are not in the U.S. but I can't hide my political feelings.

School is school and dumbed down is dumbed down and the government has no right to regulate our private lives period.


Paige said...

"I do not want the government in my kool-aid and telling me the flavor."

I LOVE this! Is it original, or have you seen it elsewhere?

Thanks for the smile. : )

Tina said...

preach it sista!!!

think of the good things that are coming from our kiddos when they grown up. We're a minority, but there is always hope.