Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The hours we keep

I am a night owl that is no secret but so are my kids. Some days I barely get a moment of silence where I do not have to do anything for anybody. Lately it comes after 4am, Jared just fell asleep, Cassie is still up, the boys are sleeping.

I have no idea how to turn us around a little. I do not do mornings and really have no desire to but I admit it was nice when the kids were asleep by 1am. I won't impose any bedtime on them because... well I won't. They still fall asleep when they are ready to fall asleep. Sometimes I go to bed before them but I don't sleep anyway so what's the point?

What is my point? At this point I have no point, LOL! I just need a few moments of quiet and well if I want it I wait for it :)

We have no reason to keep different hours, I never do anything before noon, I suppose it is what it is. If we have a good reason to change then we will. I'm just glad that stores are open at night and that life doesn't stop because it's dark :) I love the night, I come alive after midnight, it's just natural for me.


Tina said...

It gets better as they age. Privacy and alone time is more important to them.

kelli said...

yeah, it does change as they get older. I find myself trying to get the older 2 to find time for me! :)

And you know what my son just did, with the time thing? He's always also said that he feels more awake in the nighttime; he now goes to bed early like 8pm and gets up at 4 am, so it's still dark when he's up in the early hours. And that's when he has his quiet time. It was pretty interesting that he decided to try this and it's worked really well for him. We as a family now get to spend more time together, since I can't hardly stay up later than 10 pm :)

justjuls said...

I was just thinking about this last night - my oldest is making herself go to bed because she is working 11-4 every day this week - and it is really wearing her out. I was thinking what a natural way that is for her to figure it out.
BUT - sometimes I get worn down by having the constant conversations, questions, etc. and it seems that late nights are their best times - when they really open up or get creative. I don't want to stop that. So I'm enjoying mornings alone now -
BUT here is what I was thinking - if you just keep letting them stay up later and later and later - eventually it becomes 9pm again. Okay I was thinking this in a fog - bleary eyed at 1 am!! 4 would KILL me.