Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Emerging from Delerium

This post may not make any sense but what's new.

Thank you my friends for the well wishes and prayers.

A few minutes after I posted that I was sick I went to bed for about 45 hours.

The FLU hit me like a freight train and I was delirious with fever, talk about unconscious mutterings, wow. The pain was excruciating and I would not wish the flu on anyone.

Jason brought it home from work, gotta love that.

I think this is the longest internet hiatus since we moved.

I am still really weak and dizzy and sore but at least I am out of that damn bed...

Kieran had it and now Brennan has it and Jared, Cassie has just had a low grade fever and a cough but no freight train.

The last time I had this was almost 4 years ago and before that Kieran was a toddler so thank God this doesn't happen often.

Jason and I were both in bed(sick) on Saturday, we have never both been sick at the same time.

The kids managed pretty well except Jared because only mom can do anything for him. Mom could not get out of bed and he had a hard time dealing with that. I felt bad for him but I could hardly get up to pee and Jason had to help me walk to the bathroom.

So I'll spare you the John Madden version.

We still have a lot of healing to do but thank God we are healing.

I miss you guys :)


justjuls said...

Yay! We missed you too! I am so glad you're feeling better. That is the absolute worst part of being internet friends - we aren't close enough to really help each other if needed.
I hope you will all be on the mend soon. Elderberry bark and ginger - good for fever. I think you can find them in teas.

Grace Walker said...

Hi Stephanie. Man, have I ever missed you the past few days!! I'm so, so sorry that you went through this...I know you're still recovering ; we've been thinking of you here and wishing you well. Excellent suggestion Julie on the Elderberry and ginger. Very true!

I'm sending lots of well wishes and love to you, my friend.

Lisa said...

Glad to hear you are getting better, Justin is still sick with the flu so sure he feels your pain. Keep getting better and there is a fever cure on my page and for overall feeling better you may want to try Oil of Oregano, I got some for Justin yesterday as his fever was 104' and the doctor was less than useful so called our local health food store owner and asked for ideas and she said to do 5 drops of Oil Of Oregano every two hours, it's helped more than anything we tried.

Deanne said...

Glad to "see" you're back! Hope everyone is 100% soon!