Thursday, February 21, 2008

Can I do it?

Can I blog without political tie in's? I have lots of thoughts and ideas but when I put them out I get political. I mean schooling, parenting, unschooling, freedom, living, authoritarian, rebellion, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, everything I think of comes back to politics some how.

My dear husband advised me to talk about unschooling to get back to it and I am trying but my thoughts keep turning political. I know that I have some readers from other countries who surely are not interested in American politics and I have some readers who completely disagree with my take on politics.

I've been thinking lately how apparantly *different* I must be to think the way I do. I was born kicking and screaming, I was born free and made in God's image, questioning authority, testing boundaries, going beyond limits. A dear friend of mine from high school called me a *rebel without a pause* I did almost everything I was told not to do. I have always thought for myself and not taken crap from anyone including my parents. Do not go around asserting your so called authority over me because I am not interested,you want my respect then be someone of integrity.

I have never been compliant, obedient or respecting of the elders kind of girl. I was born free and I demand freedom, I am responsible for my actions, I am conscious of my decisions, it doesn't mean they are always right and it doesn't mean that God doesn't correct me. It means that God gave me life and gave me common sense, it oozes out of my orifaces, LOL lets just say I am overflowing with common sense :)

Why aren't there more people out there that think for themselves, that take responsibility for their own actions, that aren't DUMBED down beyond belief? WHY, WHY WHY?

Public school has ripped the love of learning out of so many kids that they grow up to be stupid adults. I see it, do you see it? People blatantly admit that they aren't good enough or smart enough or they don't know how, so they don't even try to do better, they don't try to change.

Schooling is damaging, top down teaching to the test, you do and think what I say because I'm smarter and I know better... UGH!@!!! This just rips me up, those poor kids who are being labeled and ridiculed and told what to do and what to think... Many of them grow up to be clueless, dumbed down adults that repeat the process to their own children. I see it everywhere, don't you?

More people need to stand up, make changes, think, do and act responsibly and just plain get out of the system.
There is a full, rich life that has nothing to do with government influence and testing and political correctness.

I'm tired and apparantly can't think beyond the government crap at the moment.

I'll be back with some unschooling posts, TRUST ME!


Tina said...

It is extremely hard to stand up for yourself when at every corner and turn you are told what to do. I too feel for those children. Yet, I know the struggle it has taken me to get out from under the teachings/demandings/requirements of what it is to be the daughter that I am, of the parents and grandparents that I have had and the public-ed/college-ed adult that I am. And you know I'm not exactly quiet. :) :)
It isn't easy. Some of us aren't born rebels.

Not to yell at you or anything. It's just not as easy for beaten down kids. No one has shown them a better way. They don't even realize that there IS a choice. Society/mainstream is ALL about obedience and following sheep.

Joanne said...

Great post Stephanie and I agree 100%. At one point, most of us knew nothing about unschooling (or even just homeschooling for that matter) but for whatever reason, we all sought out something other than what was being touted as "the way".

justjuls said...

You go girl - blog without obligation! You don't have to listen to Jason - tell him you're free! (just kidding!! hee hee)
But seriously - this blog is for your thoughts in whatever way they may turn - as scary as that may be at times.