Sunday, February 17, 2008

My husband was easily assimilated

While I was delirious with fever Jason had recovered enough to take care of everything else.

He even stayed home from work because I couldn't get out of bed.

He worked on the dishes and laundry and feeding the kids and taking care of me, he brought me soup and tea in bed.

You ladies will appreciate this, do you like ladies, what do I call you or me? I don't like ma'am,I'm not a Miss, I think I'll just stick with girlfriend, LOL.

Years ago I had a dear friend(male of course) that called me *female* he and only he was and is the only person allowed to call me such a thing. Sometimes Jason will call me *woman* usually when I have said or done something so completely characteristic that he doesn't know what else to say :)

Ok, back track, focus...

My dear husband played Mr. Mom for 3 days and he did things like walk in circles in the hallway muttering things like coffee, celery, dishes, oh yeah I was going to make coffee but then the piggies squealed and I remembered I was supposed to feed them... He also forgot he was cooking and burned his lunch, once he did this he told me that he can see how I do it now. Do it as in get totally sidetracked and have something triggered, oh yeah I was doing THAT!

I told him he better go back to work because he has been assimilated, then he told me to speak English :)

He is a good guy, I'm blessed to have him, he ROCKS!

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