Tuesday, August 05, 2008


It's obvious that I am not a prolific writer and I don't paint beautiful pictures with words like some of my blogging friends.

I have written some good stuff but I know in my attempt to get to the point that I miss out on a lot of description. I believe that part of that is my personality, I'm not a fluffy person I'm a straight forward person.

I was thinking tonight after posting for the blog carnival that my post seems so generic. Just like when I participated in Unschooling Voices, there is a topic and a deadline. I think it brings me back to school when I had to write an essay on a specific topic with so many words by a certain date.

How weird is that?

I never liked writing in school but I don't believe it's because I can't write because I can.

So in some bizarre twist I don't do well in the written form on the spot, go figure.

I know when I get sparked by something I can write just fine. I don't type 500 words a minute like some either and I have to look at the keys. Product of public school, I took typing...

My always unschooled son can type extremely fast without looking.

Stupid hang- ups I suppose.

I love unschooling, I love watching my kids learn and grow and make connections, it's so awesome. Sometimes I feel like I'm just along for the ride because the learning never stops. I just do what they need when they need it but they do the rest.

I wish I could put in writing what they do and all of the learning and growing and questions and answers that happen on a daily basis.

I'm not great at documentation, it's so much easier to go with the flow and not take notes.

I guess I'll work at it :)


Sandra Dodd said...

Well if you put it that way, as "work" and "documentation" it kinda makes *me* not want to write! :-)

Blogs don't have to be so serious. Write about what you think about what you did, instead of what you did, maybe.

With Learn Nothing Day I thought of doing other contests besides images, and school thoughts came flooding in, and I did not want to "grade" anyone's poetry or essays. I didn't want anyone to have the school anxiety that writing brings up for so many people. (But it did occur to me that some people went to art school, so an image contest could be similar there for some.)

The first time I went to karaoke, I was very serious and wanted to do it right. What happened was I didn't do it right. I did it very seriously. One of Kirby's female friends came and counselled me nicely. The point was to have fun, be silly, entertain. Oh yeah! Then I did better.

Anonymous said...

sometimes I feel the same way- I do not remember all the details and go off on tangents frequently but I have to remember that I am writing for ME and it is my journey and path and though others can write more beautiful it is ok-

and if I HAD to post I certainly would find every reason NOT to- i post because I can or because I choose to

L. J. Lowe said...

i feel the same way about my writing, too. i write better, when i write for myself and no one else.

but i can type, and pretty fast, too.. and i don't have to look at the keys... product of public school

D. Lollard said...

Hi there, Stephanie, I saw you over at A Conscious Life and was hoping maybe you were in central Illinois with us ... I guess not, but when I saw in your About Me "I enjoy organic dark chocolate, wine and coffee," I just had to say DUUUUDE!! Maybe we unschoolers just have no self-discipline and indulge ourselves too much :)

L. J. Lowe said...

hey, don stopped by... hi don.

steph... it's been 2 days since you've blogged... what am i going to read :)