Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spanking in schools?

This is ridiculous!

I can't believe this is still going on today.


unschoolermom said...

When I was taking my last education class for college, the subject of corporal punishment came up. I was shocked at how many states allow schools to practice corporal punishment! It's truly disgraceful! The subject made for some good conversations among students.


Donna said...

I had no idea corporal punishment was still legal ANYWHERE! That article really surprised me. And I wonder if it is a racial thing since it says more blacks and in the south? White teachers in the south beating on black kids? Religious nut job teachers in the south beating on kids in the naem of "God"? Who'd think that might happen? (tongue in cheek)

(My apologies to those who live in the south, it's a general statement : )

Heather said...

That article was sent out on our local unschool group today. And Okalahoma is one of the 13 where it happens frequently :( I remember a story about a boy who was spanked at a local Christian school because his shirt wasn't tucked in and he had been warned more than once. Absolutely ridiculous. And sad.

Deanne said...

I was shocked too when I first learned about this several years ago. This site has tons of information about the issue nationwide, and there are a few "cartoons" that really say it all.

Penny said...

This happens in the schools HERE. If you do not want them to beat your child, you have to go to the school and file a form of non-permission.

(and Donna, this person from the south isn't offended - it's barbaric)