Friday, August 22, 2008

Say what?

Is it still PMS when it's a week late?
I know I have already asked that question.

I am so predictably unpredictable according to Jason.

I can be 28 days, I can be a week late and I can skip it.
Who knows what it will be this time?

I am actually doing remarkably well I have been using progesterone cream for two months and now I'm exercising and eating better(mostly)
Last night I needed salt so I munched on fritos, I know great for my diet...

I am only having moments of PMS, I used to have 2 weeks of it non stop.

You can only use the cream from day 12-26 so when you are way past that and not freaking out it's all good.

Last week I said something and Jason put his hand up with one finger and then swirled his other hand around it in a circle, to demonstrate the world revolving around me.

I do tend to say things and how they affect ME.
Let's be REAL, if the world really revolved around me things would be very different :)

Hey this is my first hormonal post in awhile :)
It's not even bad...

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