Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NOT back to school

School started today, well yesterday now, my days run different than most, I never go to bed the same day I wake up.

We decided to go swimming at a friend's house, they are homeschoolers.

You can see that they were having fun, why waste away in a classroom when you can live.


Penny said...

How fun! And yes, they look so ALIVE!! The prisons I mean schools opened Friday here.

Tina said...


You keep on saying that for all the world to see. And I'll try and keep up.

Our prisons open up on Monday. Some started today. I have 5 districts to listen to in the media. Blech!!

Where are the dragons?

Donna said...

I love pool pictures, the water looks so blue! They look like they are having a great time. Our schools start on the 25th (I think, I try not to keep track of such things :) Of course this means all the public pools and the beach will close soon : ( I hate that the whole world works on school schedules!!!!!!

justjuls said...


Paige said...

Schools here start back tomorrow. I am SO looking forward to having *our* world back. lol (Which isn't charitable for the prisoners, I know...)