Friday, August 22, 2008

meeting people

I met a homeschooler!

Cassie is in soccer now and practice is twice a week, on Tuesday a mom introduced herself to me and all the while Jared and I talked with her older son.

I felt totally cool and comfortable with them, we met her dh too.

Today I saw her again and we sat next to each other and just talked freely.
Guess what?

They are homeschoolers from day one, kids never in school. She is very relaxed, they have some curriculum around but she learned that they don't do well if they follow it. They are very go with the flow people, not unschoolers but a relaxed, not uptight homeschooler is awesome to find.

We are just getting to know each but we have many commonalities already.

For one she is a believer but doesn't go to church, how cool is that? We talked briefly about God and that we both believe it's about personal relationship opposed to institutions. I told her about Gatto, she didn't know of him, my book is loaned out but when I get it back I'll loan it to her.

Just one of those people that I felt connected with, I love that, we'll see how time goes on, we might become good friends.


justjuls said...

That's so awesome - and I'm so jealous of her! She got to hang out with YOU!

Rebecca said...

I hope it all turns out to be a great situation for you. Like minded folks are a rare find.

Tina said...

Well now I am lonely. Congrats though.

L. J. Lowe said...

Super cool, Steph! WooHoo!