Monday, January 19, 2009

Texas Holdem

The kids and I just learned how to play Texas holdem.

At first it seemed confusing because of all of the terms and rules and rounds of betting. We modified it a bit for our purpose and it is pretty fun.

Last night all six of us were playing and it was a really great time together.

Many nights we are all doing various things so it was nice for all of us to play together.

Usually it's me and a couple kids playing games because everyone doesn't always want to do the same thing.

We are pretty good at it now and it gives us a different card game to play.


Show Us The World said...

Sounds like fun. My son loves games like this so maybe we'll give it a whirl.

jen said...

We love Texas holdem! It was one game of very few games that we can all play together, because everyone from the 4 year old to the 11 year old likes it :)

Tina said...

Don't know that one. We'll play Rook, Spades, Hearts together. When Stacy's Dad comes we play Pinochle.