Saturday, January 10, 2009

Awesome commercial

I saw an awesome commercial tonight about how the system fails students, it is geared toward higher education but it speaks volumes about school for all.

Kaplan University is the one putting on the ad campaign.

I searched high and low for the commercial but I can't find it online, all I'm finding is the articles.

The link will give you a glimpse of it and I hope the video will be available online soon.

I loved it!

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unschoolermom said...

That is very cool! I, personally, think a lot of colleges - espcially distance learning colleges - are catering to the needs of adult learners. I know I love my college. I really consider it unschooling myself. There are very few classes that I have to take that I do not want to. When I look at the list to choose from for each new semester, it's really more like, "I want to choose them all!" LOL. I only wish the education system, in general, could understand this concept!