Sunday, January 11, 2009

My vacuum sucks!

I mean that literally!

I love this thing, I bought it a week ago and I can't stop using it.

The day after we got it Cassie was vacuuming her room and she sucked up a belt. It literally wrapped around the brush tightly. Jason had to take it apart to get it out and it broke the vacuum cleaner belt.

I had to go down to the store and buy a belt the next day. I was so bummed because I wanted to vacuum that night.

Then I was vacuuming near the computer and it sucked in the cord to Kieran's new gaming headset. It chewed up the cord and he was upset because he just got them two days before.

I called Jay and he brought a new headset home and all was well.

Later I was vacuuming in my room and I sucked up a USB cord, chewed the hell out of it.

My husband said he is going to make the house cordless. HA!

Today I started vacuuming again, my room is so clean, I was sucking up cobwebs this time.

It's a joke now, there goes mom sucking again.

I love to vacuum, it's great therapy...

Tonight I was working on Cassie's room. I packed up several boxes to put in the attic and picked up all of the stuff on the floor, you have no idea how dirty her room gets.

Every little thing that can get on the floor is on the floor, it happens every couple of weeks.

I clean it when I'm pre-menstrual, gotta use those hormones for good. My house is clean one week out of the month, the rest of the time I seem to let it go.

I moved everything out of the closet, we have mice terds around the perimeter of her whole room so we were busy cleaning that up.

We have now trapped 9 mice, I really hope that's it.

We got two for one last night and Jason said that disproves the saying that the second mouse gets the cheese.

I felt bad looking at the little buggers but I can't have them in my house leaving evidence everywhere, I mean everywhere and running around scaring me.


Deanne said...

I love my vacuum too! It's hard to stop once I get started. There's just no end to what you can vacuum, is there? ;P

Donna said...

Ok, I just have to say, It's an illness that you enjoy vacuuming so much! You want something to vacuum, take a drive north, I have a really dusty house that needs you, LOL.

I also clean once a month, hormonally driven. Isn't that weird? Goes back to the whole nesting thing I think.

I think you need a cat or two to help with your little mouse problem.

Tina said...

Yuck, Mice!!

I'll loan you Tiger.

I have to sweep EVERY DAY and I'm not kidding. So much pet hair and junk tracked in from shoes.

Heather said...

I got a bitchin' new vacuum for xmas! I vacuumed everything in sight. Vacuuming is quite satisfying when your vacuum sucks real good.