Saturday, January 17, 2009

A new (to me)wine I tried

It's called Malbec, this is the brand I tried.
I copied the text and put it in quotes.

"Originally grown in the Southeast of France, this grape has turned into the premier wine from Argentina, where it has found the most propitious ecological features for its development. Argentinian malbec has become worldwide known and has been awarded well-deserved medals in enological contests.

It acquires different features according to the weather and soil conditions where it is grown. In the area of MaipĂș, Mendoza, it reaches its highest development, surpassing other regions in the country.

It produces wines of pleasant taste, medium body with certain earthy notes and an intense purple color. Of vigorous texture and taste, it has a touch of rusticity in the palate.

Cluster: mid-sized and quite loose.

Grapes: Spherical, small or medium-sized, bluish black in color, thin skin and soft pulp.

Ripeness: first late season."
Wine Spectator "Best Buy" (from

"Black cherry aromas followed by light floral notes and some toast. A soft mouthfeel with sweet black raspberry and cassis fruit flavors layered with hints of coffee, chocolate and spice. Concludes with a long lingering finish with ripe velvety tannins."

I really liked it, I drink Merlot and Cabernet, if you like red wine give this a try.

Jason also bought a Cabernet from Argentina, I haven't tried it yet, probably will tonight.

I love trying new wines but never know what to try, the store owners are very knowledgable about wines.

Ohh it's so good :)



Emzaria said...

Hi! I saw that you like the Alamos Malbec, which is line of wines from Catena Zapata. If you want to find more awesome, inexpensive Malbecs, check out They import from small bodegas.

Heather said...

Wine. I love wine. I generally go for the best label when I'm feeling brave. I have a collection 50 bottles strong of the wackiest labels I could find. Some were wonderful. Some were downright disgusting, but my collection rules. :-)