Saturday, June 07, 2008

unresolved thoughts

Many times I see references from Christians about satan and spiritual warfare. I may be completely naive and uninformed in this area.

I get squirmy when I read posts that refer to satan as in *the devil is working against us* or *satan is trying to influence* heck I can't remember any specific quotes off the top of my head.
I don't think they matter anyway.

My thoughts and feelings are that I don't blame the devil for what is wrong in our lives, I don't think satan is purposefully messing with us. I guess in part because why would I give him credit or blame????

Satan can kiss my freakin ass for all I care.

I just don't get this whole thing.

If you want to enlighten me feel free, if I offended you because you believe the devil is the root of all problems, I'm sorry, not my intention.

I just don't get it.

I'm not denying that he exists, I suppose if you believe in God you must believe there is a devil, the Bible says he is real.

I believe that God exists, I have faith, I pray, so I don't want to give satan glory for things that go wrong.

Am I making any sense?


Anonymous said...

Funny, I have been thinking these same thoughts. Something I have been wondering about-when talking about spiritual warfare why do do Christians put the focus on Satan? What about good angelic forces? How do they fit in?
Just thought I would answer your question with a question. :)

unschoolermom said...

I think you're making a lot of sense. There's a lot of danger in "the devil made me do it." We all have free will. We all make our own choices. I do believe sin is the result of Satan. Lucifer rebelled against God, which was the beginning rebellion. And had it not been for man's choosing to sin (rebellion), we wouldn't be in this mess we're in. (Nor would creation in general). I also believe that the devil can come against us. For instance, if we know there is something we are meant to do, the devil can tempt us or cause things to go wrong to try to sway us from that calling. (Think of Job). So while I do not believe in blaming the devil for everything, I do think he is alive and active. That's where prayer comes in. God needs to be our focus, not Satan.
Sorry for the ramblings. LOL.

Grace Walker said...

You're making perfect sense Stephanie. My intention here is not to offend anyone either but there are SO many things about these 'teachings' that have to do with propaganda that I want to roll my eyes when I hear them. It just reminds me of where I grew up (N.C.) and all of the 'church' I attended. I think you're on the right track with what you say in your post. Trust your heart. I was taught not to for many, many years.

Me said...

If you really want to know this article looks pretty good.

unschoolermom said...

April, that is a good link. I do agree with a lot of what it is saying. I, however, do believe that demonic possession is possible. I have studied demonology in some detail, and I truly believe it is possible for a person to be possessed, although more than likely, it is demonic oppression rather than possession. But I can also see the point of the original post. I think all too often, we blame things on Satan - sometimes to avoid taking responsibility for our own actions. As I said in my original response, I do believe that Satan can affect our activities - to draw us away from our relationship with Christ. However, like C.S. Lewis once said, there are two things demons love - one is to worship them by denying Christ and the other is to become overly obsessed with them.
Just some thoughts. :^)

Paige said...

Perfect sense, and I agree. : )

Me said...

I must confess I didn't read the entire article, sorry. I agree with you completely Kandy.

justjuls said...

Ah - C.S. Lewis said that there are two equal and opposite errors concerning "devils" - (I take this to mean Satan/i.e. the devil and demons - and that is to deny their existence OR to be fascinated with them. I think that Christian community often goes too far with the fascination.

I do believe that Satan is messing with us - that there is a spiritual force of evil just as I believe there is a spiritual force of good. These war around us and in us. BUT people often use this to negate their own responsibility for the choices they make and the things they do - and it just isn't so.

I think what you said makes a lot of sense - I am struggling with the constant undertone - and sometimes overtone of everything being about the devil. Please - we give him way to much credit -
And this seems to me the polar opposite error of saying God is good because something good happens to us. God is GOOD - the end.
Our circumstances, our choices, our situations do not enhance or deny his goodness.

Good thoughts - thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

Who is in control of the world? Is it God or Satan? Satan is correctly called Prince of this world in KJ Bible cuz he is the chief of devils and is at work in and among us as Kandy shared her views. Satan is clearly under the ultimate control of Almighty God. See the book of Job for clear examples of Satan's limitations. Satan is NOT the Ruler of this world. God is still the Ruler of the universe.

As I posted a few months ago,
God created me to think for myself. God is in control of the things that matter and He's left the finer details in my life a box for me to open up and discover on my own--right or wrong, good or bad. In Revelation 1:5 And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and THE PRINCE of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood."

Thank you, Stephanie, for another great thought provoking post.