Saturday, June 21, 2008


When life gives me lemons I suck on them.

Really I do, they are good for you.

I went to a doctor on Monday mainly because I was worried that something was really wrong with me. Well it was a typical visit and the results were usual and it really shows why I haven't gone in 4 years. There was one good thing, he assured me that I didn't have a blood clot in my leg or my lungs.
So for $117, Jason said it was worth it if I quit freaking out.

I have not taken the meds prescribed, I plan to treat this naturally, medication has never done well in my body. I will take the drugs if I have to but I am not planning on it.

The main reason for my UGH is that I have gained 22 pounds since about October/November. I knew I gained weight, my clothes were tight and I can see it in certain areas on my body.

A couple months ago I started walking, we live in a subdivision with lots of side streets to walk on.

I started out a short distance and built it up over time, I went a little farther every few days or week depending on how I felt. I was doing so good, my breathing was fine, my legs were doing fine, on days I didn't walk I really missed it.

You know I got sick over a month ago and I haven't been the same since. I did try to walk about 2 weeks ago and I had to stop several times because I was short of breath. I had leg cramps for 3 weeks, I must have pulled something.

Anyway I am totally frustrated because I need to walk, it's the only exercise I can do at this point and now I can't do it until we get my chest back to normal.

It really sucks, I know stuff happens but I don't want to be fat and it's frustrating. I want to exercise and get in shape and now I have to get well first, breathing is important I guess.

I'm so sick of being sick, I am getting healthy if it's the last thing I do.

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justjuls said...

I am sorry that you still aren't feeling well. It has got to be getting you down.
Also about the 22 pounds - I've gained 20 since we moved here - and I can really feel it- I have maintained at a certain spot -
The other bad thing is I won't buy more clothes - and so everything feels miserable and I am down to a couple of things that are stretchy.
I didn't have room to gain that much believe me.
It is too dang hot to walk here most of the time. I just can't breathe in the heat. Our family walked last night and it wasn't too bad but I was huffing and puffing.

Sorry my friend - feel better soon!