Saturday, June 14, 2008

edison's medicine

What makes me feel better?

Yep you guessed

I have been a wreck, that respiratory virus kicked my ass and left residual effects.

I have been having other stupid problems too, like leg cramps, it's been awful. I assumed it was calcium deficiency so I'm working on that and rubbing arnica on my calves.

My anxiety has been terrible lately, lots of stuff going on including hormones. I got my progesterone cream and used it for a few days, I have to wait for my period (which was due today)and then start on day 12 next cycle. I really do think it will help me, it seemed to make a difference earlier this week.


My neighbor, yes the one with the 2 kids that are always here, invited me over for a glass of wine.

We have lived here two years and only talk a bit when it relates to what the kids are doing. You all know I have had issues with their parenting and all the rules.

So anyway, we had a nice time, talked about all sorts of stuff. You know the getting to know you stuff but it was probably long overdue. She is a nice person and I really do care about her kids.

I was over there for about 1 1/2 hours and with two kids in tow, you know that AP thing, LOL!

Anyway I had of couple drinks and lo and behold I feel better. I know all about antioxidants and resveratrol in red wine, lots of health benefits. (yeah I think it is spelled weird like that or darn close :)

My leg feels better, I'm not anxious or flipping out and my hormones calmed down, go figure :)

Now I have to get up early, yes by 10 am, that is early for me,I know Jewls is giggling, especially since it's almost 3 am.

We are having our air ducts cleaned out, here's hoping for better breathing!


Tina said...

You make me worry with your health issues. I sure hope you start to feel better soon. 10am is way too early some days, I totally agree.

Deanna said...

David and I actually slept in until 10 this morning which doesn't usually happen. We were awake off and on during the night because of severe storms.

Anyway, leg cramps could mean you need some more potassium. Bananas and oranges are both high in it. Bananas also help replace some of the nutrients that are lost when one consumes alcohol.

I generally feel better after a glass or two of wine, also. It lowers my blood pressure, helps me sleep and calms my overactive bladder.

Hope you feel better.