Friday, June 06, 2008


Do you think back to certain times in your life? Duh! I'm sick of bad memories so these are indifferent.

What led to this was the the little girl down the road liking school. She is with the *in crowd*, she is all into cheers and her hair and clothes are just so. I don't remember doing cheers when I was 7, Cassie always comes home and tells me what the girls showed her. But then I never was a girly girl especially at 7, I was playing with the boys, heck I was always playing with the boys, LOL!

I was thinking about clothes and styles and when I was 12-13 my grandma would send $50 to each of us for school clothes. Well I would spend mine on one pair of jeans and a shirt, Jordache of course. My whole NEW wardrobe was one one pair of jeans and one shirt, damn labels, I loved Jordache.

Sometimes I talk valley girl and the kids look at me funny, I say I'm having flashbacks, Jason says you were never a valley girl. I did live in Phoenix though, the valley of the sun :)
At 13 I was doing all sorts of stuff that I shouldn't have been.

Like fer sure, like totally, like gag me with a spoon...I never could get into the flourescent clothes.

Then at a brief time at 14 I was in stoner garb, you know Levi's and high top Nike's, untied of course who ties their shoes? Don't forget bandanas.

Lots of time went by...

By 16 I was in high heels and mini skirts. I worked then and spent much of my money on clothes. I was busy and didn't have time for mundane tasks like laundry so instead of washing I would just buy new stuff. I am so not kidding, I actually would buy new packs of underwear each week. I eventually did my laundry but I worked and went to school and had a social life, hello!!!

Anyone get the impression that I have champagne tastes on a beer budget. Yep, well it's all good. I have changed my ways, I'm not the golddigger fashion queen that I used to be. Well mostly, I still need certain things but I'm not concerned about clothes.

My grandma always wondered how I got guys to buy me jewelry, I swore to her that I didn't DO anything.

I would make such a good snob, trust me! My pinky finger goes up when I drink, I come by it naturally my dad does it too.

I am still queen of something just not sure what :)


Tina said...

You're the queen bee of your crazy clan. Revel in it. After all you get pictures of elephants, wine and chocolate. What more could you want?

justjuls said...

I had a favorite pair of jeans that were two tone grayish in the front and blue in the back - and I loved them. I also had a coordinating vest. Wore it all the time. Wore polo-style shirts under it with the collar flipped up - my hair cut in a mullet and dangly earrings. My friend Kelly and I would trade one shoe at the beginning of the day and they were loaded down with friendship pins - those safety pins with beads - cause I had lots of friends - but nobody I really trusted - ya know? Anyway - one day a guy I liked took a screw and threaded it through the pocket button hole of my vest and said, "Wanna screw?" Of course I thought my mom was too square to get it - so I left it there. Um - I was wrong! Big trouble!