Friday, June 06, 2008

Mom, What DO they do in school?

HUH? Hell if I know! Really hell if I care!

Last night while I was basking in PMS, Cassie was asking me all sorts of questions. The girl that she plays with down the road loves school, well good for her, she is only 7.

So what do they do at school? What do they do at Kieran's age? Brennan's? Jared's? Mine?

I really was not in the mood so I asked her to give me a few moments to collect myself.

I basically told her that the teacher talks, the kids sit and listen, ask questions, read from textbooks and do worksheets, we didn't get into anything else. She asked what kind of worksheets, I'm like Ummm I dunno...

Do you want some worksheets?



I'll go see what I have printed up from like 8 years ago, No I'm not kidding. I went and searched through some folders, brought them to her, we found that most of them were too young for her, a few were too old for her, then we found a couple that she wanted.

We talked a little more and that was that, she did a couple things.

She did ask me about the kids who don't read because she isn't reading yet. I told her that they might actually think she had a problem and try to put her in some program to make her read. I told her truthfully though from what I remember there were always good readers and poor readers in every class.

She knows she will read when it's time, she has some sight word recognition and she sounds out some words but she just hasn't gotten there yet. I'm not worried and I do not want her to be concerned, she knows her little brother can read and she is ok with that, she knows her older brother didn't start until he was 9.

She has been doing math problems lately, she makes up her own papers, this plus that, many pages of it, she is doing great, and she has been practicing cursive writing.

The best thing is she always draws me pictures of elephants.

She is living and learning!


Tina said...

Carly will go through this every so often. It must be a girl thing. I'll drag out several textbooks/workbooks (I've picked them up over the years for moments like this), she'll stick them in a backpack, make a schedule up, work on a few, and then.....6-8 months will go by and those books are shoved under the bed. One year--two years later, it all starts again. In the meantime she keeps growing and learning.

unschoolermom said...

I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing for kids to want to do traditional work, honestly. It's their choice. Taliesin gets in those moods, and it's fine with me. However he feels more comfortable learning. Nathanael, on the other hand, is very seldom in the mood for traditional work. That's fine, too. :^)