Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh Boy!

Last night Cass and I were watching Mad Money, with Queen Latifa and Diane Keaton.

A little ways into it she stops it and says, "Mom, what does SEX mean?"


"They keep saying Sex, what does it mean?"

I asked her if she really wanted to know, she said yes, I was vague and specific and she looked at me and said, "I still don't get it."

So I got a little more specific and reminded her about how we also talked about how babies were made before, the sperm and the egg.

She asked if we had real eggs, I giggled and said "well not like chickens."

I ended up telling her the physical mechanics and she just looked at me in what we call *the Cassie look* and said, "Well that is just weird!"


Penny said...

LOL!! BTDT VERY recently! He just kept saying "Oh my God!"

Donna said...

See what you get for letting your kids watch questionable movies, (LOL : )

Deanna said...

Just don't let her watch "Sex and the City". You might end up having to explain a whole lot more than she would want to know! (LOL!) I doubt she is ready to know the meaning of "ménàge a trois".

Deanne said...

I still recall my daughter's look of shock when she finally "got it". It is quite hard to fathom when you are young and innocent, and the you start thinking about your own origins and what your parents did!!! :O It sounds like you handled it well, not overwhelming her with info. but telling her enough to be satisfied - for now anyway. ;)

justjuls said...

Ah - I remember those days!
Nowadays it is pretty casual conversation among us girls.