Tuesday, October 12, 2010

school, bullies,choice

Today on facebook, a friend mentioned how she hated sending her child to school when she felt like she was walking into a lion's den.

I would not send my child to school ever but under these circumstances wouldn't you reconsider things?

Especially with all of the media coverage about bullying and suicides.

I just don't understand how you can set your child up for abuse. School is bad enough but add in bullies and the stress can be unbearable.

I know that everyone won't homeschool, can't for whatever reason, but many people can and choose not to.

I feel so bad for all of these kids being treated less than human, being abused, ridiculed and picked on.

For what?

Surly not an education. School has nothing to do with education. School is an outdated, obsolete institution that's sole purpose is to control the masses and babysit kids while their parents work or worse have *me time*

So yes, it's their choice to send their kids to school and it's my choice not to.

Do I agree?   Hell no.

Do I respect people who send their kids away?

What do you think?


L. J. Lowe said...

yeah, school sucks.

a few weeks ago another local homeschooling mom was making the observation that i post some pretty controversial things on my FB. i agreed, although there are some topics that i do usually stay away from at this point. i did say that i am unapologetically against the public school system. she said, "that's what we love about you, lesa." :D

Cap'n Franko said...

School is not my favorite but I really hate bullies. I will not put up with bullying.

Penny said...

It's so sad that school is so deeply ingrained in people that they don't even consider that there may be an alternative. They want to make schools "better", but they don't even think about chucking school altogether.

Susan B said...

You've put into words all the things I think about the whole school thing but won't ever say for fear of offending my friends and family. I am the first and only to homeschool. Everyone else just does whats always been done then bitches because it doesn't work! I refuse to be one of the sheeple. I am going so far out of the mainstream compared to the rest of my family. Anyway.. Thank you for saying it.

Stephanie said...

Hey it's great the you are the black sheep! I have lots of teachers in my extended family, including my dad and step mom.
Which explains why our worlds collide.
I am anti school and I make no apolgies for that!