Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Carpet :: vacuum

  2. William :: Will I Am

  3. Oh! :: shit!

  4. Board game :: Clue

  5. Sunlight :: vitamin D, I need sunlight, please sun, come out

  6. Delay :: rain delay

  7. Winner :: We are all winners

  8. Concubine :: slut

  9. Comatose :: really dang tired

  10. Satisfy :: satisfy me!

Want to play?

Luna Nina


Donna said...

concubine=slut? i thought it was forced on them...more like sex slave.

Stephanie said... was what came to mind.
You are right slave would be more accurate :)

Donna said...

I wasn't criticizing (hope you didn't take it that) you are supposed to put down what comes immediately to mind ; )

Stephanie said...

No, it;s ok I was just saying I see what you mean :)