Friday, February 06, 2009


Today we had beautiful spring weather, abundant sunshine, blue skies, light breeze and temps in the low 60's.

It was heavenly considering two days ago the high was in the 20's.

I spent some time sitting out in the sun, it's important to get natural vitamin D and there hasn't been much opportunity lately.

I've also come down with some stupid virus so I ate some chicken soup and sat in the sun.

The kids played and rode bikes and had a blast, we needed to end the cabin fever.

I started to read a book a bought awhile ago, I'm not too far into it but I can tell it's awesome.

I'm already practicing much of this style and I'm looking forward to reading the book and maybe helping me deal with my past and the tapes that run in my head.

It's Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves by Naomi Aldort


Donna said...

We have sun and 50 degrees today. It's marvelous. Word is we might hit 60 on Tuesday! Always a welcome respite from the harsh cold winter. Although, seeing as it is only February, I am sure we in Chicagoland will see more snow before real spring. But I will enjoy it while it lasts. Sorry you are under the weather, I am just starting to feel better after being sick most of January.

unschoolermom said...

This book looks interesting! Maybe something I'll order soon for myself. I hope you start feeling better soon!


Tina said...

Yeah for you. Sunshine is awesome!!

Mette G said...

Your ideas about the book are right - it's great! I recommend it to everyone I know looking for "different" parenting books. And it has just been translated into French - yay, which means my husband will agree to read it too (he doesn't want to spell through english he says :))