Sunday, February 08, 2009

Old tv show and mice

I thought our mice saga was over, it was for a short time.

Lately I've been seeing evidence under the kitchen sink and I told Jay about it.

I asked him to set the trap but in his defense he has been sick for 2 weeks.

The other night the kids woke me up to tell me that Brenny stepped on a mouse in the hallway and it ran into my room.


Thanks, it's 3:30 am and I have to pee and I'm afraid to get up because I don't want to step on the mouse.

I know it's crazy, but if that happened to me, I wouldn't recover, I told the kids they would have to put me in the looney bin.

So Jason set the trap and guess what? He ate the peanut butter and ran.
Oh the joys!

Cassie has been watching The Brady Bunch on TV Land and I sat and watched with her last night.

I told her that I used to watch this everyday after school. She really likes it.

Guess what episode it was?


Greg's science project, he brought home a mouse to train in a maze. The mouse escaped and was wandering around the house.

Of course they make it look all cute and innocent, it was a white mouse too, not the little grey buggers we get.

So Alice jumped up on the chair screaming and I just laughed because I freak out like that too.

Go figure.


Jenny said...

Huh, I don't even remember that one ... I guess I'm not as much a Brady Bunch expert as I thought I was.

Donna said...

But mice ARE cute! And believe me, your little mouse doesn't want to be stepped on anymore than you want to step on him. You need to get a humane trap. they go in for the food and can't get out, different from snap traps. Then take him far away and set him free. Your soul will feel good for saving one of God's creatures, LOL : ) Just tell yourself "I'm bigger than him, and he's more scared than I am!"

WomanHonorThyself said...

yikes I would flip out!

Tina said...

Girl, get that cat.