Wednesday, February 04, 2009

a matter of principle

My mind can come up with several things relative to the title but this is actually about something happening to us right now.

My husband performed a service on good faith and still hasn't been paid for it.

Before your mind wanders...

He is a mechanic and he fixed someone's vehicle.

This couple has actually given him grief in the past, there was a miscommunication about what he was supposed to fix.

The wife chewed him out and he took the high road and fixed the other concern at no charge. It wasn't his fault or his problem but he took care of it because that is the kind of guy he is.

So 3 weeks ago they call with another issue. He was pretty sure what the problem was by the description and they had the vehicle towed to our house.

Jason got the part and fixed it the next day. They didn't pick it up until the following week and they asked if he would take a post dated check.

He said it was fine, we know what it's like to be in a bind, people have helped us out in the past.

It was dated for a week later, on that day he called and asked him to hold it a few more days.

That was 10 days ago.

No communication, Jason has called and left messages with no response.

Now we are in a position where we need this money, we have a check that is probably worthless.

The thing is we expect honesty and communication. We can work it out if we know what we are working with.

This is irresponsible and just plain rude.

It bothers me when people don't take responsibility for their actions.

One action affects another and a whole turn of events can take place from one decision or action and it impacts many people.

Responsibility is an important principle that seems to get tossed aside for someone else to take care of.

Grow up people!!!!


Me said...

I know this kind of frustration so well. I feel your pain and irritation.

unschoolermom said...

I'm sorry that happened! I hope you get it worked out!


veronica said...

Cash the check! They will have to deal with the repercussions. I would not help them out again.

Keowdie said...

I agree with Veronica. It's wonderful that you have tried to help them out, but at this point, you've gone above and beyond what most people would (or should) expect. You've also done exactly what you said you would do by accepting the post-dated check & then holding it for an additional period of time.
There comes a point when people have to take some responsibility for their own behavior. I would cash the check and let them work it out with their bank.
Also, I wouldn't be helping them out again any time soon.

Tina said...

We're running in to this for the first time also with our business.

I'm going to have to start a list of problem people.