Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a little more about TV

It seems there are a few *biggies* in unschooling/parenting forums.

Math, tv, video games, food, sleep, these seem to strike fear in people.

How will they ever _____ if I don't make them _____??????

Unschooling is a philosophy that people are born with an innate desire to learn and that learning is as natural as breathing.

We trust the learning process and it is different in every person because everyone is unique.

Nobody learns the same thing at the same age, it just doesn't make sense. Yes there are averages because otherwise it's all across the board.

Straight from birth, each milestone is reached at a different age, it's reached in that child's timeframe. I'm not even sure I agree with *milestones* as it makes it out that EVERY baby will do _____.

Anyway back to TV.

My kids have never had artificial limits or rules imposed on them.

They are free to watch TV or not watch TV.

Cassie likes TV and she does have it on often, she has her favorite shows and knows when they are on.

Her TV is on a lot, it will be on while she is playing, she usually forgets it's on and leaves her room.

Once in awhile she shuts it off.

Last night was one of those times.

We cleaned her room and she loves it when it is clean.

She turned her radio on and was sitting on her bed writing in her notebook.

Be Free!!!!


Donna said...

My youngest has her own tv in her room. It's always on, but she isn't always watching it. Sometimes I'll find her sitting at her desk with her back to the tv doing something else. Or she'll be laying in bed and reading. I've even seen her with her Ipod on, headphones in, reading a book, with the tv on! Half the time I think it's just background noise to her. And I would never tell her when or how long she could watch it.

Stephanie said...

I do think sometimes it's background noise.
I guess I was trying to get to the fact that this child LIKES TV.
She can still decide for herself when to watch and when to turn it off.

So many kids lives are limited in every area that they grow up and can't make a decent decision for themself because someone always told them the way it is.

Thanks for all of your comments :)

mindy said...

Hi Stephanie,
I followed the trail to your blog from you leaving a comment on a different blog. Where in TN are you? We're in the Chattanooga area...fellow unschoolers who are conservative libertarians...not too many of us around and I just wanted to stop in and say "hi"

mindy said...

Stephanie, Are you on the ARGH list? ARGH is a twice a year unschooling get together, usually somewhere around Johnston City/Jonesborogh, TN. There might be a few cabins left for the one happening in March...I'd love to meet you irl!

mindy said...

I'm on RUN. We can "meet" up there too! I completely understand about choosing activites/trips...it's the story of our lives. I do hope you guys make it to an ARGH gathering one of these days. It's a fairly inexpensive and pretty close way to get together with a bunch of unschoolers.