Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes

Over the years all of my kids have said some awesome things and I wish I would have written them down.

Tonight on the way home from playing with our friends Jared asked me a question. I should preface by saying whenever I mention a time of day whether it be today, tonight, this morning, yesterday etc. it is my time reference of my actual day not what the calendar says. This was actually a bit after midnight but to me it's still tonight, Tuesday night even though it's technically Wednesday morning. Just for the heck of it if anyone needs to contact me don't call between 4am and noon unless it's really important :) You can feel free to call at any other time though, including 3 am, cause you know what I'm doing :)

Anyway Jared asked me if God knows everything, I said well I believe that he does. Then Jared says *Is there a guy named God* we all chuckled and I said well... God is actually a being, a spirit, not really a person that is a boy or girl. Then he said *so there is a guy named God*

We all lost it and thought it was cute, he is 5 for those who don't know.

Kids have such a unique perspective and we need to pay attention to how they see things and interpret them, whenever we reference God we say *he* so to Jared he is a guy named God.

Too cute :)

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justjuls said...

That is SO cute!
Here is the thing - you think it is so cute you'll never ever forget it. How could you? Right?
Ah - but you do.