Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Choices, consequences, parenting, life

Obviously I don't know what to call this. I have had so many thoughts lately and I've taken some good pics of the kids, I just haven't got them here yet. We had a busier than usual weekend, we even went to the zoo. We love the zoo, I love the elephants of course, Jay got some good shots of them. They are so peaceful, I could just watch them all day. I love elephants, Cassie always asks me why, well they are highly intelligent, the mothers take care of their babies, they stick together, they feel, they don't forget. I want one, can you tell???

When you have many different talks with different people you gather all the info and process it in your brain, right??? I need someone who gets what I'm saying, I am so sick of guarding myself so I don't offend or overstep. I was talking with a very dear friend today and lately I've been realizing how far apart we really are. What binds our friendship? It is so much more that parenting or how we homeschool, at least I thought it was...

Those are very important to me, how we treat our children is so important.
We have neighbor kids that I feel like a surrogate mother to, more stuff today proves that these kids need me and my house, they need it!

Many times I question God on various issues but I always see the reason even if it is many years later.

I firmly believe in God, I have faith, I trust in him, I pray, I believe that he created us in his image with our own free will. Many do not believe in God and many do not believe in free will, I believe in both. Everything is a choice, from what you wear, to what you eat, to when you go to bed, to if/when you cook, clean, pay bills, get a job, help another, share, be kind, laugh, love whatever it is , it's a choice. You have the power in your own mind to decide what to do.

I was reading a thread at Unschooling Basics and a newbie is questioning about kids ruling and parents following. I suppose to someone new at parenting with mindfulness and respect would think that. If I don't *make* them do _____ they never will, or how will they learn to do ____ if I don't make them.
I know that is popular thinking but it is so flawed, unless you shift your thoughts and priorities and open your mind and really be what your kid needs none of this will make sense.

Unschooling is all about trust and respect not about control, nobody has the right to control another's thoughts and actions. I always tell my kids only YOU can control YOU, especially if they say *he made me do ____*


Dana said...

Hi there.

I came across your blog ... not by chance, but by design. How fun ... divine appointment I like to call it. We have so many similar interests, both in music, movies and children. My DH and I are adoptive parents, we have a large family. I unschooled my bio kids until last year. I was overly stressed by having 7 yound kids at home with no support and my DH working mandatory overtime. We have been "unchurched" for about 4 years now as well ... and I got so tired of people asking me why we just don't find a church for support. Anyway ... I sometimes really miss having the freedom of my kids all at home. I really struggle with the institutional education they're now getting ... but just don't know how to "go it alone" anymore. We had come under such scrutiny for how we chose to educate our kids ... I was afraid someone would report US to the state. Imagine that, after years of foster care and adopting. It would be the thanks we would get. Anyway ... your blog just struck me. I'll try to stop by again.

Take care, God bless and be true to you!


Penny said...

Yes, it is so hard to watch people in the controling mindset making each other and themselves miserable. And they comisserate as though it's the only way things can be.

Les said...

Hey Stephanie,

I got your comment on my blog and thought I'd check yours out. I only got to read a few posts so far, but I already love it! BTW, I was thinking about changing the name and URL on mine so don't be surprised if it's something different next tinme you stop by!


Grace Walker said...

Hi Stephanie,
I so appreciate your posts and really enjoying reading each and every one. I can relate to what you're saying about needing someone to get what you're saying!! I too, feel that way, quite often. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.