Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Learning is Living, Living is Learning

It is so apparant to me how natural learning happens everyday in many ways. I just watch my kids and see the growth, the connections, the imagination, the wonder, the questions, the answers. We were created to learn but so many are inhibited by the forced compulsary schooling whether at school or at home that they lose so much of that natural innate desire and ability.

I observe my children and others who I am around and I really do my best not to judge or compare. Some things are obvious and attributed to schooling or parenting and some things are subtle and definitely all things are individual to the child.

I see the learning and it is awesome. So many people just don't give unschooling a chance, a chance to really see it flourish. I read so many emails from so many different groups that it can become a blur. There have been recent posts about someone who wants to unschool but can't let go of the schoolish mindset and therefore has been wavering back and forth and the kids are confused to say the least. I wonder why this person wants to unschool so bad but hasn't yet deschooled. Why unschool? Well I have all the answers for that question but only you can answer it for yourself.

This lifestyle of learning is an awesome lifestyle. No inhibitions or forced learning, no scopes and sequences, no grades or grade levels, no tests, no teachers, no school. Just real life, real learning, real living, real people doing what they want and learning as they go.

"There is no difference between living and learning-it is impossible and harmful and misleading to think of them as being separate" ~John Holt


Stephanie said...

I've said a couple of times lately - it's like I'm living a big magical secret.
The enchantment with unschooling just grows and grows, I think, as long as you care to notice all the loving and learning happening.
It is such a beautiful and wondrous way to live life.
Steph S

Les said...

Hey Stephanie,

How did you get the Blogging w/o Obligation on your blog? I know I have to copy the code and remove the Xs, but where in the html edit do you put it? I can't ever get mine to show up! Thanks!

Les said...

Thanks for the html help, I got it to work!