Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Finding the time

I know we are all busy living and learning, I'm finding it hard to get my reading done for my class.

I have started my 2nd homeopathy course and I am a week behind... Every time I sit down to read someone needs something. Jason reminds me that I did it before and kept up with the lessons, I just don't seem to have a grip on it yet. You wonder why I'm blogging, I just typed up a lesson and sent it in so that is why I'm here now :)

I really want to learn how to treat my family and friends and it is a lot of information to absorb.
If I decide to pursue homeopathy further it would take years of studying before I could treat others, kind of like med school but with real healing :)

Right now I just want to be a home practitioner with the basic knowledge of first aid and acute illness. Even to do that you need to study the history and philosophy of homeopathy and grasp it at it's core.

So I am just having a hard time fitting it in to my life at this moment. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately... My kids need so much of my time and the house is... well... a mess in my opinion but nobody else seems to think so.

Today Kieran and I argued briefly over who would vacuum, he won, LOL! I actually took a picture but I'm not near the camera at this moment.
I needed the attachments to do the wood flooring and we found 2 but I need all 3 so I don't have to bend over. He said he can do it on 2 and didn't want to search for it in Cassie's room. Her room looks like an explosion so Jason said he didn't blame him, LOL! So instead of looking for the part he just vacummed himself :)

Yep we are nuts around here :)

He also helped to clean up the toys in the front yard so I gave him a few bucks.
We don't have chores or anything tied to money but I'll pay the kids if they help out extra, Kieran felt upset because Brennan didn't help, so I paid him and he was fine.

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Anonymous said...

I lost the link to your blog, and I have really missed it :0)

I would like to study homeopathy too, but I know now is not my time...I'm content (for now) to read as much as I can, when I can. I have had some wonderful successes with homeopathics, and have foudn a fabulous place in a different city (in NZ) that sends me the remedies I want the very next day...I'm not sure how you manage with 4 kids- I'm thinking anything extra you get done is amazing :0)