Saturday, October 27, 2007

I've been tagged

My first MEME and it's a tough one, LOL! You are supposed to come up with 10 things about you that are weird. I've been racking my brain and all I get from dh and ds are oh that's easy, no input, they don't want to mess with me :)

This came from my new blogger buddy Evie

1. I love 80's hair bands.

2. I only really need 5 things that I could live on, coffee, dark chocolate, wine, pizza, cheese.

3. My idea of camping involves room service.

4. Brennan told me that I always want to clean, but then Kieran said *not so much anymore* LOL! My house looks lived in now but not too long ago you wouldn't know that there were 6 people and 3 dogs here. So I was a compulsive clean freak, really I was...

5. I stay up late and sleep late depending on your perception of time.

6. Don't get me started on school, my kids roll their eyes when I get going on compulsary schooling.

7. I am not a touchy feely emotional female, I do not wear my emotions on my sleeve and I'm really not compassionate. I can/do empathize, I really do care :) If/when I do break down and cry it's after a long period of hard times. It happens, I am human :) This is actually a difficult thing for me because Cassie is full of emotions and feelings and I have a hard time relating with her sometimes, but I'm trying.

8. I have clausterphobic feet. I hate to be confined, I wear sandals when it's warm and clogs when it is cold. I breathe through my feet.

9. I was born a rebellious spirit, don't tell me no, because I'll do it anyway, don't hold me back I need to be free.

10. I hate the sight blood, mine or anyone else's it makes me weak in the legs, but I love CSI and have no problem with the fake stuff.

You have no idea how hard this was, I'm not weird, I'm just me, I'm definitely different because of my views on things but I don't think that is really weird.

So then I tag 10 more unsuspecting blogger buds...



Sarah said...

This is comical...really...I thought you're reading about mine. :0)

Jenny said...

Wow, I feel like a Real Person being tagged on another blog! :)

I just did it over on my blog. Thanks!