Sunday, October 28, 2007


Cassie has been in Brownies for the first time this year. Last night they had their first slumber party. I did not attend because... well... Jared has attachment issues and I really don't like that kind of thing :)

My dear friend R was such a trooper and she took the girls, although she said to remind her not to do it next time, LOL!

Cassie and her daughter K have become such good little buddies :)

Cassie has never slept away from home so this was a big deal. Of course she didn't really sleep much and she came home and slept all day.

While R was with the girls I had the boys, my 3 and her son.

The guys had a great time and were pretty easy, I fed them pizza, soda, ice cream and cookies and they played on the computers and danced around to their music and wrestled and ran around outside at 11pm. I was glad it was a weekend can you imagine the horror of kids out on a school night??? LOL! What the hell is a school night anyway? Ok I promise I won't get started, really, I won't just thinking the thoughts, they are passing... slowly...

Ok... So they guys got along great and had a good time I think they conked out about 4:15am, I tried to pawn Jared off on them at 4:00 because he was doing his 20 questions to fall asleep thing.

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