Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tying Shoes

Remember when learning how to tie your shoes was a huge milestone that had to be pushed by a young age?

I could tie my shoes when I was 3, big deal!

I remember when velcro became popular so little kids could just put their shoes on with ease.

I think they used to teach shoe tying in Kindergarten.

Cassie used to tie up everything in the house with ropes, strings, Jason's ties, whatever she could find long before she ever tied her own shoes. It was really funny, then one day she tied her shoes.

Jared is 7 and doesn't tie his shoes yet, it's really no big deal, he'll learn when he is ready just like everything else.


Heather said...

Shoes tie??? :-D

Sara said...

My 7-yr-old learned the other day. It took all of 2 minutes. She just informed me that she wanted to learn. I showed her. Voila.