Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A mother's ties to her children

I am with my kids all day everyday and it's been that way since they were born. Now they are growing and spreading their wings a bit.

Last night Brennan stayed the night at his friend's house and Jason is on his way to pick him up.  It's the neighbor from our old house, it's 12 miles away when it used to be two doors down.

Cassie is spending the night with her friend tonight and will be home tomorrow evening.

This afternoon it has been quiet with just Jared and Kieran here.

I'm glad that they have a friend that they are comfortable with to spend the night.

It's just so weird having them gone.

I'm ok, I miss them but I know it's important for them to do this.

I'm just realizing how grown up there are getting. It was just a few months ago that Cassie wasn't ready to stay away all night. She had tried but called us around 10 pm to come get her and now she goes without a hitch.

I'm just very connected to my kids and miss them when they are away.


JoAnn said...

You are such an awesome mom!

Stephanie said...

Thank you!