Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well I'm bombing out on the NaBloPoMo this month.

My life is...well it's my life. My hormone imbalance and anxiety are keeping me in a weird state most of the time.
I guess I lost some of my edge when it comes to writing down my thoughts and opinions.

We recently moved and there is still so much to do to get settled in. I know there is no hurry, we don't plan on moving again for a long time. We really like this house :)

I have just been in contact with another doctor and I think this one can really help me.

We are going to start with adrenal testing and then do the complete hormonal panel, this time it's saliva testing which is far more accurate than blood tests.

Even though I'm on Bio-identical estrogen, I still have way too many symptoms, thing is I'm worse when I'm off the cream.

Anyway, I'll let you know how this goes and will post some info on it as I learn. I know many of my blog friends are coming into peri menopause too.

I want to be free from these symptoms, I want my mind and body to work together because right now all they do is argue all day.


Cap'n Franko said...

Me, I'm a fan of BWO, blogging without obligation.

Blog when you want, how you want.

L. J. Lowe said...

I'm just glad you're blogging again! :)