Monday, February 01, 2010

The theme for February is *ties*

Many things come to mind when I think of the word *ties*

Today I'm thinking of putting down roots.

Jason and I want to have ties to a community and put down roots but we have to stay in one place long enough to accomplish that.

Next month marks our 4 year anniversary in TN. Before that we were 7 years in PA and before that 9 years in CA.

We were both born in NY, Jason lived there for 21 years before he moved to CA with me. I lived in FL, AZ and CA and moved back to NY when I was 14.

We've been all over and want to find a place to settle. We like TN for the most part, I could do without the homeschool laws and a few other things.

Our kids like it here and talk about living here when they are grown. So maybe we have found our place to build roots and ties. We just changed cities so we are going to get involved with homeschoolers here and be part of this community.

We shall see how long we stay put.

When people talk of a *hometown* I don't have one. I do not think of one place as my hometown, where I was born is just where I was born. I've moved a lot in my life and I do have fond memories of certain places but for me, home is where I am :)


Vampire Ballerina said...

I agree, home is where you live your life;)

Anonymous said...

that sounds like a good theme to me... I want to think about my * ties*