Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spank out Day

I'm a little late because I wasn't aware of today. Everyday should be spank out day.

No child should ever be hit, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop beating your kids, get help if you need it.

No Spank
Stop hitting
The hitting stops here


Grace Walker said...

Thank you for being such a powerful voice for kids! That's the truth!!

TheOrganicSister said...

I grew up in a "spare the rod" family and most of my family still follows that belief. It's very hard to talk to them about it. But have you seen this blog:

I sent it to a very conservative friend once and all she would reply back with was "I disagree". :( It's sad when people use the same book to justify spanking as well as eternal love. wth?


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the link Tara. It's good to know this is there for people.

I always said if I believed that God wanted me to beat my kids I wouldn't be a follower of Christ.
I used to say Christian, but I'm not really a christian anymore, just a believer.