Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is it all rosy?

A recent exchange on Facebook got me thinking about this.

Some people seem so happy and joyful and never let on that they are having a bad day, a rough time, a struggle in life.

Are there people who are 100% joyous, 100% of the time?

I think many of us want to portray that everything is great and wonderful and we don't have a care in the world. That just isn't reality, even if you are the most positive person, stuff happens to all of us.

How we deal with it varies, some of us choose to find the positive in every situation. I think that is a worthy endeavor, I try to do it. I don't always succeed, sometimes things just plain suck and I feel like venting about it.

My latest incident of spraining my ankle has brought up many negative things in me. I had to feel those before I could move on and see the light so to speak.

I still can't walk without crutches but I'm getting there, I'm finally seeing marked improvement.

It's not fast enough for me, patience is not my thing, I hate waiting, I want it all and I want it now!

Life happens and we have to go with it. As an unschooler I am really good at going with the flow, I just have a hard time when it has to do with me.

Many unschoolers write about how great life is and don't really let on about the struggles.

Life is great but it doesn't mean we don't have issues.

As an observer these past several days, I'm seeing where we have some issues in the family and what we need to work on.

Overall this has been an experience for all of us and some growth and learning has taken place. How we react and deal with problems is an important part in living our lives.

Being home with my family is an honor and I know how blessed I am.


Deanne said...

I really appreciate this post Stephanie.

Stephanie said...

Thanks Deanne!
I've been wondering why I haven't been getting any comments so thanks for saying something :)

TheOrganicSister said...

This is something I had to realize myself awhile back. There are many blogs I follow and I can sometimes look at them and think their lives must be perfect. Then I'm reminded that they do exactly what I do; use their "space" to exemplify the things they most need to remember or share with others.

Life is not perfect. We, as humans or parents or whoever, aren't perfect. It's really about focusing on what matters most to us and realizing others are doing the same.