Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One hour

I don't know about you but this time change is bugging me.

My body and the clock are not in the same time zone.

One hour, big deal, right?!

Well actually it isn't too big of a deal because I don't adhere to some strict schedule.

Thank God, we don't have a schedule!

I do have a routine and so do the kids.

You all know we are night people.

Well I'm not going to bed until 4 am...

I'm doing everything an hour later... BWHAAA!!!!

Shit, it's 3 am right now, I need to go to bed.

My friend from TX is coming tomorrow, I hope I'm up and coffee'd and showered before she gets here.

You don't want to see me before that!

Actually I don't really *wake* up until much later, hours even.

I feel my best at night, daytime just screws with me.

We have had beautiful weather and tomorrow is supposed to be 80 and sunny.

I need Vitamin D so when the sun is out I am there.

Kind of reminds me of *There is a leer jet in Mobile and I AM ON IT!

The SUN is out and I AM IN IT!

We all need sunshine :)

Be breezy!


Donna said...

Hope you have a nice visit with Julie. And get some of the vit. D for me.....we're expecting rain all day : (

Tina said...

I do get you. And what you mean.

I've given up b/c I have wonderful teens in my life and have realized that the same schooling philosophy isn't any longer necessary in order to have friends.

Your kids are younger so maybe you will find a family that is similiar.
N + C will be 13 and 17 soon.

Hope you had a great visit w/ Julie and were able to show her some love.